KERNEL For Teams

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KERNEL is an 8-week, invite-only program for top tech talent looking to build relationships, products, and companies in blockchain and Web 3.

100 talented peers from around the world will join the KERNEL this June, and will be surrounded by leading mentors from the Web3 community. Our goal is to provide KERNEL Fellows with opportunities to learn, build relationships, and provide funding opportunities for the products they build, both from Web 3 companies and investors. Apply here as an individual.

Or, now, Apply here as a team. 10 teams will be accepted into the Genesis Block.

KERNEL Teams 🌳

We have received an overwhelming response for the KERNEL’s Genesis Block thus far. The interview process has begun, and we have received inbound interest for applicants to join as a team.

At KERNEL, we believe that group genius is better than a lone genius. During the cohort, KERNEL fellows will be encouraged to form teams, or at the least, work collaboratively within the community and cohort. For applicants who already have a team, we are more excited to host them, and help them with their adventure.

We are opening KERNEL application slots for 10 teams.

How It Works

  • All the team members will be accepted as KERNEL fellows.
  • The KERNEL Team will pay a combined fee to join the program, larger than the individual application (but less, on a per-person basis).
  • Each KERNEL Fellow can individually participate in the Learn Track, while they collaboratively work together in the Build Track.

What is KERNEL?

The goal of the KERNEL fellowship is to strengthen the ecosystem by bringing together 100 highly ambitious people in a private room with top innovators in building the new, open Web.

The first KERNEL, Genesis Block, will be comprised of ~100 fellows and 10 teams from around the world. The program will run 8 weeks, with an expected commitment of 10 hours per week. Successful applicants will be high capacity, extremely likely to succeed in web 3, and fully engaged.

The program will include eight modules, including deep dives into the history of blockchains, the Web 3 movement, decentralized finance, community building, and token economics. Twelve classic works in technology, open source software, and finance will be reviewed and discussed.

Expectations of the KERNEL teams

  • Participate earnestly in the program 🙋🏻‍♀️
  • Read weekly materials in advance of the Thursday firesides 📖
  • Join the topical Juntos hosted industry leaders 👯🏻‍♀️
  • Build alongside our great list of mentors, investors, and builders
  • Ship one end-product by the end of the 8 weeks 🚀

While a project from each fellow is an expectation, the goal is to build lifelong relationships amongst the 100 members, the mentors, and selfishly, ourselves. And, perhaps, hundreds or thousands to follow.

If you’re considering KERNEL — we’d ask one question:

If you had 8 weeks with 150 great minds supporting you, what would you want to build?

Apply As A KERNEL Team

Apply to KERNEL (Individual)

(Recommend A Friend)


Is there a cost for the KERNEL Fellowship?

There will be a cost for accepted participants to attend the program. The $ amount is intended to generate commitment from successful applicants, not to be financially prohibitive. Scholarships will be available and liberally applied, so please don’t hesitate to apply, even if money is an issue.

What is the timeline for the program?

  • Applications Open: May 21, 2020
  • Applications Close: June 22, 2020
  • Final Results announced: June 24, 2020
  • Kick-off Retreat: July 7th, 2020
  • The End: August 31st, 2020

What should I do if I know someone who to recommend for the KERNEL?

Please let us know! Fill this out to make a recommendation.

What constitutes an ‘end product’?

This is ultimately a choose your own adventure situation. If you have a product idea to build on an existing Web 3 startup, you can do it. If you want to write a report on the state of Web 3, you can do it. If you want to join cohort mates and iterate towards early PM Fit, we can help. If you want to knock out multiple sponsored projects during the course of the 8 weeks, we’ll pass them your way. It will ultimately be an individual adventure, supported by the best minds in the industry and great programming.

What inspires the program?

As community builders, we’re inspired from many in the past. Titans of Investing, On Deck, Y Combinator and the Ethereum community to date.